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A MAJOR Transition! Are YOU IN?

FIRST THINGS FIRST!!! Do you want to be a part of my tribe and continue to receive newsletters and blog posts from me? If YES; please comment or message me, so I can add you to my new email platform.  Email me here: This BLOG will be closing down: I will moving from WordPress… Continue reading A MAJOR Transition! Are YOU IN?


The Power of Language

The Power of Language Real talk: what we say out loud becomes our truth. What we repeat and focus on; expands and grows. Those are facts. Language is a powerful tool to design our lives… When I work with clients; my ears and intuition are on FULL ALERT at all times. I have the innate… Continue reading The Power of Language

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An Authentic Turn for the Best

An Authentic Turn for the Best As I transition into this new space of calling myself a healer; I am freaked out and also delighted. WHY? The truth is…I have always been insecure about my intelligence. I spent many years earning my degree and certifications, educating myself and learning from leading experts in my holistic… Continue reading An Authentic Turn for the Best

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Should we make resolutions?

It’s officially the season of new beginnings and transformation. What is your #1 health goal for 2019? In the spirit of new years resolutions; I would love to talk about the power of language.  Rather than setting super specific goals and declaring you will start new habits; what if you changed the language to: “I… Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR! Should we make resolutions?

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Is Vegan Healthy?

To Meat or Not to Meat? That is the major question in health and nutrition circles.  This is a common topic that arises whenever I speak, and I would love to address it from scientific, environmental, spiritual and intuitive perspectives. Science is a tool best utilized to reflect the awesomeness of nature’s divine complexity.  However,… Continue reading Is Vegan Healthy?

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Are NSAIDS Safe?

NSAIDS: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Aka: Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, etc. NSAIDS are often overlooked as a dangerous drug, but science is shedding more light on this topic as of late due to the over-use. You have a mild headache? Pop an Advil. You have a sore knee? Pop an Advil. We often pop NSAIDS without a… Continue reading Are NSAIDS Safe?

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Food Sensitivity Testing: Is it Necessary?

Picture this. You have gut issues, skin issues, mood issues; so you think it may be gluten or dairy or soy. You get a food sensitivity panel for anywhere between $200-$1000, which says you’re sensitive to not only gluten, dairy, soy but also peanuts, tomatoes, almonds, melon and spinach. You eliminate those “bad foods” and… Continue reading Food Sensitivity Testing: Is it Necessary?

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Colorful Cobb Salad

Colorful Cobb Salad (Serves 2) **Always use ORGANIC and/or local ingredients when possible! Ingredients 2 heads of romaine lettuce ½ cup cherry tomatoes 1 avocado 3 eggs 5 slices of organic or local bacon For the chicken breast: 1 boneless skinless pastured chicken breast 1 tbsp coconut oil ½ tsp sea salt ½ tsp pepper… Continue reading Colorful Cobb Salad

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Cauliflower Chicken Casserole

This is one of my favorite keto recipes. We keep it to a minimum (about once every 3 weeks) due to the cheese content, but it is absolutely delicious!! ***Always use ORGANIC ingredients when possible 🙂 Loaded Cauliflower & Chicken Casserole Serves five to six Ingredients: 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1 tablespoon olive oil… Continue reading Cauliflower Chicken Casserole


Is Saying “Don’t be Too Hard on Yourself” an E-ZPass?

“Don’t Be so Hard on Yourself” This is a common saying amongst women and especially women who are striving to become better, healthier, stronger version of themselves (myself included).  I am able to see it two different ways. One way is it’s an easy out when we don’t want to change or face the harsh… Continue reading Is Saying “Don’t be Too Hard on Yourself” an E-ZPass?