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A MAJOR Transition! Are YOU IN?

FIRST THINGS FIRST!!! Do you want to be a part of my tribe and continue to receive newsletters and blog posts from me? If YES; please comment or message me, so I can add you to my new email platform.  Email me here: This BLOG will be closing down: I will moving from WordPress… Continue reading A MAJOR Transition! Are YOU IN?


The Power of Language

The Power of Language Real talk: what we say out loud becomes our truth. What we repeat and focus on; expands and grows. Those are facts. Language is a powerful tool to design our lives… When I work with clients; my ears and intuition are on FULL ALERT at all times. I have the innate… Continue reading The Power of Language

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An Authentic Turn for the Best

An Authentic Turn for the Best As I transition into this new space of calling myself a healer; I am freaked out and also delighted. WHY? The truth is…I have always been insecure about my intelligence. I spent many years earning my degree and certifications, educating myself and learning from leading experts in my holistic… Continue reading An Authentic Turn for the Best

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Should we make resolutions?

It’s officially the season of new beginnings and transformation. What is your #1 health goal for 2019? In the spirit of new years resolutions; I would love to talk about the power of language.  Rather than setting super specific goals and declaring you will start new habits; what if you changed the language to: “I… Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR! Should we make resolutions?

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Is Vegan Healthy?

To Meat or Not to Meat? That is the major question in health and nutrition circles.  This is a common topic that arises whenever I speak, and I would love to address it from scientific, environmental, spiritual and intuitive perspectives. Science is a tool best utilized to reflect the awesomeness of nature’s divine complexity.  However,… Continue reading Is Vegan Healthy?

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Are NSAIDS Safe?

NSAIDS: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Aka: Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, etc. NSAIDS are often overlooked as a dangerous drug, but science is shedding more light on this topic as of late due to the over-use. You have a mild headache? Pop an Advil. You have a sore knee? Pop an Advil. We often pop NSAIDS without a… Continue reading Are NSAIDS Safe?

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Food Sensitivity Testing: Is it Necessary?

Picture this. You have gut issues, skin issues, mood issues; so you think it may be gluten or dairy or soy. You get a food sensitivity panel for anywhere between $200-$1000, which says you’re sensitive to not only gluten, dairy, soy but also peanuts, tomatoes, almonds, melon and spinach. You eliminate those “bad foods” and… Continue reading Food Sensitivity Testing: Is it Necessary?