Disagreement: A Beautiful Opportunity

When you strongly disagree with another person or group of people; how do you respond?  I see three clear umbrella options as I know there are many variations within each response.  In the past I would fall prey to option 1, which then led to option 2. (I am not perfect, and I still fall… Continue reading Disagreement: A Beautiful Opportunity

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To my Dear Friends & Family

  Often times I find myself struggling with the balance of my internal and external worlds.  I weave in between feeling grounded and intuitive and feeling busy, stressed, overwhelmed and yes, logical.  When these two forces intertwine, and I become immersed in the harmonious dance of a calm inner world combined with an acceptance of an… Continue reading To my Dear Friends & Family


The Beauty of Uncertainty

“When one door closes, another one opens; but it’s hell in the hallway!” -Anonymous Uncertainty feels like a dark cloud searching for the sun to oeak through and shine some light.  Restriction, contraction, heaviness, panic and anxiety all originate from fear.  Fear of the unknown. Fear of change. Fear of pain.  Clinging to control and truly… Continue reading The Beauty of Uncertainty


Grief…A Personal Journey

Grief will hit you like a ton of bricks, knock the wind out of you, push you into a dark place in a split second.  The crippling feeling of grief that washes over you when you get the news of a loved one passing is impossible to prepare for and absolutely devastating.  In the blink of an eye;… Continue reading Grief…A Personal Journey


Sitting with Discomfort & Pain

First, a clip from Louis C.K. on Being Alone with Emotions. (Put your headphones on if you have children in the room!). Prepare to laugh hysterically!   The great lengths that we go to avoid discomfort and anticipated “negative” (no emotions are negative. I’ll get to this) emotions is truly outstanding.  We have created a… Continue reading Sitting with Discomfort & Pain

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My Experiment with Coffee

I went to college for a total of 7 years and learned about the value of science and statistics, but there is something about experiencing for yourself that holds so much more power.  I like to make a hypothesis and test it on myself. I do this from time to time to spice up my… Continue reading My Experiment with Coffee

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Protein Powder Power!

Protein is a critical part of your diet. It’s critical for building neurotransmitters, for healthy cellular function and to regulate your body’s tissues and organs. Protein is the cornerstone in which neurotransmitters and hormones are built. Protein powders help naturally support: -hormone metabolism -healthy metabolism -lean muscle -cellular health -muscle repair -suppress appetite naturally -aids in… Continue reading Protein Powder Power!