My Dinner After Returning from the Farmer’s Market!

My Dinner After Returning from the Farmer's Market!

I’m not much of a chef, and I’m not too keen on following recipes! I like to put together what I have on hand and what I think sounds good! I follow Eating4Health, which is my school’s (Bauman College) philosophy on nutrition. E4H is a life-long learning about optimal nutrition, the healing effects of foods and eating from a spiritual, holistic, sustainable perspective. It’s not a fad diet that will come and go. It’s about individuality & moderation. E4H means eating fresh, whole food that is organic, diversified and pure. S.O.U.L.: seasonal, organic, unadulterated, local. Eating this way make you feel balanced, clear, satiated and at peace!

Here’s what on the plate!
1 chicken drumstick
1 poached egg
3 cups sauteed greens (spinach, chard, kale, beet green, cabbage, snap peas in 1 tsp. ghee)
1/2 oz. goat cheese (which I’m obsessed with!)
1/2 oz. raisins
cucumber & carrot slices
1 oz. avocado
1 garlic clove
3 TBs. raw saurkraut
1 Tbs. almonds
1 wedge lime to squeeze onto raw veg & avo
1 tsp. olive oil
seasonings: kelp granules, nutritional yeast, sea salt, pepper, turmeric, onion & garlic powder.

It looks like alot of food, but I ate it all…and it was delicious! Please don’t feel overwhelmed with all of those ingredients. I just happen to have them all on hand. You can pick and choose what you like & what you have on hand. Encourage yourself to try one new healthy food per week. That’s 48 foods per year!

I love the salty flavor of the cheese with the sweet flavor of the raisins mixed with the greens. It is a balanced, diversified meal with adequate protein, carbs & healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients; a balance of raw and cooked foods (natural digestive enzymes & higher nutrient content in raw foods but cooked foods are very nourishing & still have alot of nutrients), and VERY important (which I will comment more on in a later post) is a natural probiotic in the saurkraut to help digest.


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