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SUPERfood of the day: Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is also called Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  It’s grown on the base of cane or beet molasses, but is not a source of sugar.  Contrary to its name, it does NOT contain yeast (nor is it the same as brewer’s yeast)!  Therefore, it’s a great food for anyone on a low sugar or candida diet. It’s great for vegetarians due to the high vitamin B and protein content. B vitamins are essential for several processes, including metabolism and energy!  It can be used as a cheese replacement as it does get creamy when mixed with warm food.  It’s great in smoothies, soups, on top of salads, greens, baked potato, popcorn and more! Experiment, and have fun with this vitamin powerhouse! =)

Nutrition Facts: (2 TBS)

-Potassium: 320mg

-Fiber: 4g

-Protein: 9g

-Vitamin B1: 670% daily value

-B2: 590% daily value

-VItamin B3: 280% daily value

-B6: 560% daily value

-B12: 400% daily value

-Folic Acid: 180% daily value

-Pantothenic Acid: 30%

-Selenium:: 30% daily value

-Iron: 5%

There are a few trusted brands.  Here are the links to Amazon.



2 thoughts on “SUPERfood of the day: Nutritional Yeast

  1. Krystal, Thanks for publishing this informative blog. I’ve never cared for the “idea” of nutritional yeast but after reading your blog showing what a great addition it would make to anyone’s diet, I,m going to give it try. I signed up to follow your blog and am sharing with family and friends. Alice W


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