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Food of the Day: Walnuts

One ounce of walnuts (about 5) contains:
• 6.82 g protein
• 15.15 g fat (6% sat / 25.4% mono / 0.57 g omega 6/ 3.4% omega 3
• 0.57 g omega 3 (linolenic acid)
• Minerals: copper, manganese
• Vitamins: E family, esp. gamma tocopherol
• Heart healthy nut! Reduces total cholesterol, LDL,
apolipoprotein B in subjects with elevated blood fats
(Zambon, PMID: 10744590; Iwamoto, PMID: 12080402; Chisholm; PMID:
• Due to omega 3 content, walnuts go rancid easily; best
purchased in protective shell.

**Always remember to follow the soaking method in previous posts for all nuts and seeds to make them easier to digest and assimilate.
Bauman, E. & Friedlander, J. (2012). Foundations in Nutrition. Penngrove, CA: Bauman College


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