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Our Stories


We all have a past. We all have trauma of some kind, heartache, anger, fear, joy and experiences that have led us to where we are in this moment. Experiences are great tools for growth and reflection. However, many of us live in our pasts, telling our stories to anyone who will listen and putting out the “poor me” energy. We don’t have to be trapped in our stories. Every moment is a chance to re-write our stories, change our path and live the way we want to live. We often get stuck in stories of poor me because it’s easier to use our unfortunate experiences as excuses on why we cannot achieve something or why we aren’t happy at any given time. Rather than saying, I CAN’T do it because _______. Say I want to do it, and I will do it…period. Every moment is a chance for change. Only you have the ability to shift your thoughts, which leads to shifting beliefs, feelings, actions and ultimately how your life plays out. So stop living in the, “I’m upset because____” state, and start creating your own reality!


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