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The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial. It has antioxidant properties that help with the absorption of other minerals.

Coconut Oil is an incredible source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which have been shown to have many health benefits. It is easily digested and sent right to the liver for energy production, which means no bile or pancreatic enzymes are needed for digestion, making coconut oil a healthy food even for those with diabetes or those who have gallbladder problems. MCFAs can help increase metabolism since they are sent directly to the liver and give the body an instant source of energy. Most of the MCFAs in coconut oil are the highly beneficial Lauric Acid. Lauric acid is found in abundance in human breast milk and converts to a substance called monolaurin in the body. Monolaurin has been shown to be useful in increasing immunity and fighting viruses and disease.

There are many ways to use this nutrient packed powerhouse in your everyday life!

1.In Cooking: Coconut oil is a stable oil that doesn’t break down easily at high temperatures like other oils do. It doesn’t go rancid easily and has amazing nutritional properties. It is great for cooking eggs, stir fries, grain free baked goods, and practically any other cooking use.

2.Skin Lotion: Coconut oil is without question my favorite body lotion. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily feeling at all. It makes skin incredibly silky and has wonderful antibacterial/antimicrobial properties. If you want to get really creative, add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil for scent.

3.In Smoothies: It’s sweet and nutty taste makes coconut oil a great addition to smoothies. It creates a wonderfully creamy texture and makes smoothies rich and smooth. It also adds a bounty of nutrients and a big dose of healthy fats.

4.Homemade Mayo: If you’ve never made your own mayo, try it today! Making mayo is really simple and the taste of homemade mayo beats store-bought versions hands down. By making mayo with a mix of coconut and olive oils, you get a great dose of saturated and monounsaturated fats without the additives and artificial ingredients.

5.Great Snacks: Because it is so filling and nutrient dense, coconut oil is a great addition (or base) for healthy snacks. Since coconut oil is solid at cold temperatures, it is great for making no bake cookies and desserts in the fridge or freezer.

6.Eye Make Up Remover: Coconut oil is an excellent eye-make up remover that has been reported to help remove wrinkles and help restore elasticity to the skin.

7.Dandruff Remedy and Hair Conditioner: Coconut oil can effectively get rid of dandruff when rubbed into the scalp a couple times a week. It does make hair oily, of course, but I recommend massaging into the scalp before bed and leaving in overnight before rinsing out in the morning. It also helps strengthen hair and add shine.

8.For Shaving: Using coconut oil in the shower as a shaving soap gives a smooth shave with no irritation (speaking from a woman’s perspective here, don’t know about how it would work for guys). I usually rub on before getting in the shower and then shave in the shower. It doesn’t wash off and moisturizes legs while getting them silky!

9.Massage Oil: Coconut oil makes a great tropical smelling massage oil.

10.In Coffee or Tea: As strange as this might sounds, melting a teaspoon or so of coconut oil in a hot beverage is an easy way to get extra coconut in for the health benefits. I usually add a little to some green tea or herbal tea in the morning. It does take a little getting used to, and is certainly not for everyone, but I like it!

11. Oil Pulling for removing toxins, bacteria and Candida: Check it out:

12. Personal lubricant! It may be a little TMI for some people, but it’s much safer than the lubricants containing several chemicals, especially in those sensitive areas!

13. Facial moisturizer- Coconut oil is a great treatment for acne and dry skin as it balances, nourishes and it antibacterial

What other benefits does coconut oil have?
◾High lauric acid content can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It doesn’t increase LDL and helps keep arteries flexible and prevent atherosclerosis
◾Studies show that coconut oil may help increase thyroid health because of its unique combination of nourishing properties and the fact that it travels directly to the liver without the need for hormones or enzymes in digestion
◾Coconut oil can help boost metabolism. Since it travels directly to the liver, it is used for energy and not stored as fat. It also helps a feeling of satiety and can assist in weight loss.
◾Can increase bone strength by allowing better absorption of fat soluble vitamins
◾It’s antifungal properties have been shown to help reduce candida and yeast in the body and fight yeast infections
◾Can help fight infection and flu due to its antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties

More information:

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil


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