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Non-toxic Cleaning & Body Products


The last post was about detox and eliminating toxins, but what exactly ARE toxic products?!  Many people want to rid themselves of toxic cleaning & body products but are baffled by all the choices and confused by terms, such as “natural”, “paraben-free”, etc.  Today I’m going to chat about what to look for in products and which products I highly recommend.

First of all, why do we want to choose non-toxic products?  Toxins, such as chlorine, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, etc. overload detoxification pathways in the body, interfere with metabolism, activate the stress response, interfere with thyroid function, cause harm to the lungs & reproductive organs, upset body’s hormone balance, increase inflammation in the body…just to name a few. Many products also contain KNOWN carcinogens & have been outlawed in many other countries, but we continue to put them on the shelves! Less than 20 percent of the chemicals in personal-care products have been tested for safety.

The top 10 ingredients to avoid are: Triclosan, Methylisothiazonlinone , fragrance/perfume, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate , 1,4 Dioxane , oxybenzone, lead, Butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene , Diethanolamine and Triethanolamine, and petrolatum.
I buy a lot of these on Amazon:

Baby Products:

*Dr. Robin Body Wash & Shampoo

*Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion

For store-bought cleaning products:

*Seventh Generation: dish soap, laundry detergent, & fabric softener sheets

*Dr. Bronner’s. They have several different scents and are all-purpose. I use it for laundry, stains, dishes, hand soap, body wash, shampoo, etc.

For whitening:

*Baking soda, white vinegar, borax

For all-purpose cleaning spray:

*3 parts distilled water to 1 part vinegar (add essential oil for fresh scent)

*Distilled water w/ therapeutic-grade essential oils: lemon, clove, peppermint, lavender, melaleuca, orange, etc. They’re all anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & smell great!

Skincare Products (for all skin types):

*Himalaya Herbal Healthcare: face wash, moisturizer & exfoliate

*Acure Organic Argan Oil: facial oil that contains vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins- helps fine lines, acne, repair imperfections, minimize scars, stretch marks. It’s light-weight and absorbs easily into the skin.

*Angelina Organic Skincare: facial masks

*Lotus Moon: face wash, exfoliate & masks

*doTERRA essential oils: Frankincense (all skin issues), lemon (acne & brightening), melaleuca (blemishes), Geranium (dry skin). Please contact me if interested in essential oils. I LOVE them! They are little miracles in a bottle 🙂

There is a great site to check your current products for their toxicity rating. It tells you how toxic they are from 1-10 and how the toxic ingredients in the products harms the body. You can also look at “Moisturizer” for example, and it will give you a list of the non-toxic moisturizers to choose from. That’s how I find a lot of my products.



One thought on “Non-toxic Cleaning & Body Products

  1. I use Morrocco Method Intl. products and I love them. I have only used their shampoos, conditioners, and their henna hair dye so far. They also have skin care products, which I want to try soon.
    Great blog! (:


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