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We all have a tendency to fall into excuses. “I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll start next Monday, I’ll buy that when I get paid, I just don’t have time today, there aren’t enough hours in the day”…any of those sound familiar? For many of us; tomorrow never comes. We constantly swell on our never-ending to-do list and daydream about the future. “When I finish this, I’ll have free time to do that. When I get that pay raise, I’ll book that vacation.” We live as if what we have right NOW isn’t good enough. We live with our attention on lack and scarcity rather than ABUNDANCE. I have a news flash for you: THE ONLY TIME IS NOW!!! The more we live in the moment, the happier and more productive we are. We become focused, accomplished, and fulfilled. We stop making excuses and feeling bad for ourselves and take control of our goals and desires. We live in an abundant world. There is ENOUGH for EVERYONE and the time is NOW. We can all use a little honestly and kick in the ass sometimes. I’ll be blunt with you all (and I tell myself the same thing): GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER .JUST DO IT. MAKE IT HAPPEN. THE TIME IS NOW.


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