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Join me for my 14-Day Detox Program!

Group Detox – Starts Nov. 10th
A Gentle 14-day guided whole-food cleanse



Is this cleanse right for YOU?
• Are you tired of being tired?
• Bloated, gassy, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, IBS?
• Suffer with depression, anxiety, brain fog, moodiness, PMS, insomnia?
• Acne, dull , or dry skin?
• High cholesterol?
• Join or muscle pain?
• Headaches or migraines?
• Inflammation or autoimmune conditions?
• Brain fog, 3pm energy crash?
• Carb and sugar cravings?
• Just can’t seem to lose those last 5-10 pounds?

Do you want to feel energized, motivated, productive and excited about your health? Then this detox program is right for YOU!

Heard about detox and turned off by the fear of being deprived of real food? There are many detox programs and pills on the market today that promise quick weight loss, and many of them are unsafe and unable to maintain. This detox is NOT a juice cleanse. This detox program is gentle, safe and easy to do while continuing regular activities. There are different levels for those who are new to healthy eating as well as those who are more experienced. You don’t have to be perfect to get healthy and gain results!

Why is this detox program different? Krystal incorporates stress management techniques, lifestyle improvements, discussion of spiritual and emotional aspects of detoxification and supportive guidance toward realistic goals.

What can I expect?
We will reduce and/or eliminate caffeine, sugar, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, tobacco and processed foods for 14 days. We will learn about delicious substitutes for gluten, dairy, and soy. Although you will gain the best results by following the program, participants can do what they are comfortable with at this time. With the group support, you will be excited about healthy improvements, impressed with your successes and thrilled with the results!

What will I eat?
Detox protein shakes will be the cornerstone of our program, and they are simple, easy and formulated to support the liver’s natural detox pathways. In addition to the shakes, we will focus on increasing vegetables (7-9 servings/day), low-glycemic fruits, clean seafood, essential fats, teas, broths, fermented foods and quality protein (vegetarian or meat- eaters- we support all alike) and non-dairy products.

Class dates:

11/5: Welcome call. This is a free call. I will explain in more detail who I am, what I do, and what you can expect during this detox program. At this time, you may sign up and order supplements.

11/10 Conference call: Monday, from 7-8 EST.
We will discuss how to eliminate sugar, caffeine, dairy, gluten, alcohol and other common allergenic foods we consume. We will discuss healthy alternatives to these substances. There will also be suggestions for adding relaxation techniques and time for yourself into your daily routine.

11/17 Conference call: Monday, from 7-8 EST.
We will discuss how to enhance sleep and manage stress. We will also discuss how to eliminate toxins in your environment, such as household cleaners & cosmetics, with recommendations on healthy alternatives. We will share and celebrate our successes and discuss how to keep the healthy habits through the holidays!

In the Group Detox Program You Will Receive:
• 2 group conference calls
• Handouts with detailed instructions
• Complete list of foods to avoid and why
• Lifestyle tips & info on how to detox your environment for a healthy home
• Tips on stress management, relaxation techniques and sleep hygiene
• Shopping list & diet journal template
• Recipes
• Meal plans
• Private group Facebook page for additional support, questions and concerns
• Professional detox supplements (purchase separately)
• Discounted rates on personal nutrition counseling with Krystal for 3 months following the detox program

Detox Products (Not required to participate in this program, but highly recommended to minimize symptoms of detox discomfort & enhance results). I am offering a 10% discount for my clients and detox participants!!

Essential Detox Products:
One 14-Day Kit Contains ($145):
• PaleoCleanseTM Powder ($66)
• PurePeaTM Vanilla Powder ($34)
• Amino-D-ToxTM 90 capsules ($30)
• HydrolyzymeTM 60 capsules ($18)
• 14 Day Detox/Cleanse Patient Guide
• Blender bottle
• Reusable bag made from recyclable materials

Additional recommended Products:
• PaleoGreens for additional antioxidants (1 TBS is equivalent to 4 servings of vegetables in ORAC value) $59
• PaleoFiber for drawing toxins through the large intestine, and for feeling full between meals – if weight loss is a goal than this is important. $36-$46
Suggestions for Easing Cravings for Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol:
• Crave Arrest – combines tyrosine and 5HTP, designed for easing from substances as addictive as nicotine Used with success for sugar and other carb cravings. $46
• Acetyl-L-Carnitine – for focus and concentration. Crosses the blood brain barrier to provide fuel for the mitochondria in the brain. Used as a healthy alternative to caffeine. $32
• Brain Vitale – for focus and concentration as well as to support brain health especially when damaged by excessive stress. Also used as a healthy alternative to caffeine. $59
• Stress Arrest – a combination of GABA and glycine which helps relax the body and mind. Useful as an alternative to using alcohol or other habits to unwind. $20
• L-Theanine: helps the body & mind to relax. Good for racing mind and a hard time falling asleep. $26
Supplement Costs: When considering supplement cost, remember that the Detox Kit includes meal replacements, so you will be saving on your grocery bill, as well as eliminating costs for coffee, alcohol, pastries, eating out, etc.

Message me for details!
(757) 753-6984


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