Health Facts

BPA Isn’t the ONLY Toxin to Avoid

Did you know that receipts are covered in BPA?

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Solutions: Don’t take a receipt if you don’t need it. Have it emailed or text to you. Have the clerk put it directly in the bag and touch only with gloves when you get home if you need it for return purposes.

Did you know that BPA is in the lining of all cans (unless it states otherwise)?


Solution: Don’t eat anything from a can or buy a can that says BPA free (coconut milk for example).

BPA effects epigenetics, which means that it changes the way your genes are expressed. This not only effects you but is passed down to your children and grandchildren. Scary! BPA also disrupts our hormones and is linked to endometriosis, miscarriage, poor egg quality, lowers sperm count, and cancers of the sex organs.

In the US, a chemical is safe until proven guilty…not exactly a great tactic. We wait until people get sick from these chemicals and then pull them off the shelf.

BPA isn’t the only endocrine-disrupting toxin to worry about. Phthalates and parabens are also endocrine disruptors. Make sure your makeup, body products, cleaning supplies all say phthalate, paraben and BPA-free. Even organic products sometimes have these chemicals. Plastics, period, are loaded with toxins. Avoid when possible!

Solution: Buy stainless steel & glass, especially for your little ones!!


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