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Hard Time Falling or Staying Asleep? Top 10 Tips for Snoozing Peacefully…

Here are some tips for sound sleep:


1) First, check your bedroom. Make it as dark as possible (think cave). Remove all lelectric devices (except your alarm clock, which should he placed as far away from you as possible). That means no tv, no stereo, and absolutely NO computers or cell phones. Consider a white noise machine, humidifier or fan to drown out noise, and get blackout curtains. They work great!

2) Create a sleep ritual and get your body on a schedule. Plan to go to bed by 10pm every night. Try to hit the hay at the same time every night (Yes, even weekends!). Start an hour before you hit the sack: stop watching tv, put down the computer, and start winding down with a cup of herbal tea (chamomile, skullcap, valerian, passion flower, lemon balm. I like Yogi Bedtime tea best). Take an Epsom salt & lavender oil bath. The lavender relaxes the mind and magnesium helps you sleep! Snuggle in, get warm and cozy and read a book. I like saving this time for ME time. I like reading a book that has meaning or helps me ground and connect spiritually.

3) Take the minerals magnesium and calcium in the evening to relax your nervous system. You can also eat a small snack w/ those minerals: full-fat yogurt w/ almonds is great!

4) Taking 50mg-100mg of 5HTP in the evenings may also help. 5HTP is the precursor to serotonin, which regulates sleep, mood, and appetite.

Other nutrients that are helpful: amino acids- L-theanine (200-400mg), glycine (500-mg-1 gram w/ 1 capsule of tryptophan). Lavela contains lavender and is extremely beneficial for insomnia and anxiety.

5) Stop drinking so much coffee! Even if you drink coffee in the mornings, it can affect sleep at night (caffeine has a long half life). Stop drinking caffeinated herbal teas after 12pm and absolutely no coffee after noon! Replace with herbal teas, such as peppermint for its uplifting effects mid-day.

6) If you toss and turn and can’t fall asleep after 30 minutes, pick up a book and read, or do another relaxing activity, then try again.

7) If you wake up around 3 or 4am feeling wired and can’t get back to sleep, the culprit might be blood sugar or adrenal fatigue. Nocturnal hypoglycemia means your blood sugar drops too low at night, signaling to your brain that you need food, so your brain signals to your body to wake you. Eat a small snack about 30 minutes before bed if you’re prone to hypoglycemia. Try 1/2 a sweet potato with 1 tbsp coconut butter. Potatoes increase serotonin. But NO sugar or refined carbs, which will exacerbate the problem. Also try herbal support for tired adrenals.

8) Passion flower tincture may help you fall asleep, and you can keep it on your nightstand and use it during the night if you wake frequently. It encourages GABA production.

*9) Avoid alcohol, which affects blood sugar and interferes with nighttime liver detox. If you wake between 1am and 3am, especially take this under consideration.

10) Try meditation or deep breathing before bed. You can also try yoga poses that calm the nervous system. I particularly like the cat cow! You can also just do some stretches. This will also help with blood flow and reduce restless leg syndrome.

Hope you all catch some Zzzzs!!


10 Secrets for Sound Sleep


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