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Tips for Eating Out

Tips for Eating Out:


• Eat a light protein/healthy fat snack before you go so you aren’t starving: yogurt w/ almonds, a hardboiled egg, nuts/seed, etc.
• Look at the menu online before you go and decide what you want to have. That keeps you from staring at the menu and drooling/deciding over the pasta!
• Try to stick to meat and an extra serving of veggies
• Ask them to cook your food in butter so you don’t get all the hydrogenated, damaged oils they typically use
• Drink room temperature water and squeeze lemon in there to optimize digestion and prevent overeating
• Smell peppermint before you go in to prevent overeating
• FOCUS on the PEOPLE at the table rather than the food! When we enjoy good company, we are less likely to overeat.
• Eat SLOWLY. Try setting your fork down in between some bites, chewing thoroughly and really tasting/enjoying the flavors of your food. This helps digestion and prevents overeating as well.
• Split a dessert instead of getting your own
• Choose to EITHER get a dessert OR get a meal you really want (maybe it’s a juicy burger!)
• If you splurge and get the fries; then do half fries and half side salad or veggies.
• Don’t stuff yourself! Practice eating until you’re 80% full (even at restaurants) to allow for good digestion & maintaining energy. When you overeat your blood sugar skyrockets and then plummets, which leaves you depleted, tired and not to mention bloated! It’s NOT worth it! You can still enjoy a meal without stuffing yourself. It takes dedication, attention, focus and PRACTICE!
• If you do splurge, don’t beat yourself up! We are all human! Just enjoy every bite and move on. It’s really important to stay positive and calm. Guilt and shame only harm the body and reduce the ability to digest your food. Relax!



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