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The Back to School Lunch Box

Hello Mamas!


Kids Lunch Box Ideas:
-hard-boiled eggs
-Egg muffins w/ veggies
-Deviled eggs
-Tuna on Mary’s Gone Flax Crackers
-Sliced cucumbers & carrot sticks with a GF, homemade dipping sauce
-Chicken strips with sweet potato fries
-fruit is easy: grapes, berries, oranges, apples, pineapple, banana, watermelon, etc.
-bacon wrapped avocado or guacamole with veggie sticks or Mary’s crackers
-Grass-fed or organic meat & cheese (raw or aged and only if tolerated) roll-ups
-almond butter w/ Mary’s crackers or on an apple, banana or celery sticks
-Coconut pancakes with berries and grass-fed meat roll-up
-Broccoli nuggets
-Yogurt with berries and chia or flaxseed
-Nuts & seeds (if school allows)
-Apple sauce with cinnamon (no added sugar). Add fat/fiber/protein: nuts, seeds, coconut flakes.
-Leftover chicken drumsticks

A little side note: add something you know your child likes/loves so they feel like they are getting something that they want. It may be a challenge for the child when they see the other children eating junk food, but explain how it will make them healthy and strong and that it is OK not to “fit in” and be like everyone else. This is a lesson we ALL need to learn and why not start that lesson young?! (personal opinion of course!).

Feel empowered that you get to make the choice at least three times a day to say yes to vibrant health for you and your family.

*make time for a breakfast that really is for champions

*pack those loving lunches

*get a delicious dinner on the table that everyone will eat

Stay strong mamas! YOU.ARE.ROCKSTARS.

Please see my Pinterest page for lunch ideas for tiny tummies!


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