Love & Compassion


I have been MIA lately due to many challenging changes in my life. Between my husband going on deployment, my son being sick twice in the past two weeks and being told my father had hours to days to live; I have been left shattered. I have been doing a lot of soul healing lately, and I asked for deeper compassion for others. I got it! When I looked at my Dad in that hospital bed, seeing his pain and suffering, I was filled with compassion. Everything in the past was washed away, and all I felt was LOVE. I felt a deep connection and gratitude for him, his life and our experiences together (the challenging and the exciting!). All of my judgments were released in that moment, and all that was left were compassion and unconditional love. That is what life is all about. It is easy to blame and judge. It is healing to forgive, release and be grateful for each person and experience as it is. Not what you want it to be or what you think it SHOULD be- but what IT IS.

Our experiences shape who we are and we must be grateful for EVERY experience, whether we see the reasoning behind or not. For without our experiences, life would not exist.

We must embrace each moment with grace and acceptance- the good, the bad (even though good and bad do not exist) and the ugly. If we see these situations as an opportunity for healing and growth, then we open ourselves to an abundance of love, compassion and joy that we did not know existed before. Once we deepen our awareness, open our hearts and walk the walk; is when we really blossom.

And remember, it is not linear. There will always be ups and downs. We cannot control what happens in our environment; all we can control is how we respond to it.

Sending love and healing to all my peeps. Allow white light to surround and protect you as you journey through this dance of life.


One thought on “Love & Compassion

  1. Krystal, thanks for sharing this with us. Forgiveness is the greatest of all healers. You father is in my thoughts. My best to your family, Alice

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