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Detox…Obsession Or Necessity?

To Detox or Not to Detox?


Short Answer: Necessity.

Detox Definition:

  • The process of removing toxins from the body or neutralizing or transforming them
  • Detoxification also clears mucous and congestion from the body

Heard about detox and turned off by the fear of being deprived of real food?  There are many detox programs and pills on the market today that promise quick weight loss, and many of them are unsafe and unable to maintain.  The detox I teach is NOT a weight loss gimmick or a juice cleanse. You will be eating REAL food. WE DO NOT COUNT CALORIES! My detox program is gentle, safe and easy to do while continuing regular activities yet very effective.  There are different levels for those who are new to healthy eating as well as those who are more experienced.

 Why is Krystal’s detox program different?

Krystal incorporates stress management techniques, lifestyle improvements, discussion of spiritual and emotional aspects of detoxification and supportive guidance toward realistic goals.  This detox is a holistic approach, focusing on diet, lifestyle, connection, balance & love.  We ponder questions, such as: “What is my purpose? What are my goals? What is most important to me in my life?” Who am I? What do I want? What are my beliefs about myself, my body, my health & my world?”  These are the questions we must explore to find meaning in our lives and cleanse those beliefs that are no longer serving our greater good.

Why detox?

Our ancestors used detox as a time-honored tradition, but today it’s a necessity.  In our modern world, we are bombarded by more toxins than our ancestors yet do not take the time to slow down, eliminate & rejuvenate our bodies and minds.  Our bodies naturally detox when we support our bodily processes.  However, most of us eat a Standard American Diet consisting of processed & fast foods, hydrogenated oils, MSG, sugar, alcohol & caffeine, never stopping to smell the roses, pushing ourselves to our limits, sanitizing our environments with toxic chemicals (killing all of our essential probiotics), using toxic body products, skincare, makeup, deodorant, toothpaste, consuming products wrapped in plastics and synthetics, bathing and drinking tap water full of fluoride and chlorine (all tap unless well contains these) that disrupt the endocrine system and damage the gut, taking pharmaceuticals & antibiotics that kill healthy gut bacteria, leaving us depleted, overwhelmed, malnourished, overweight, tired, irritable & achy.

We are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals, heavy metals and other poisons from our air, water and food every day.   Every year we drop 90 million pounds of pesticides!  Every American has 400-700 different toxins in their bodies.  Babies today are born with at least 50 different toxins in their bodies.  Scary I know!  This isn’t to scare you; it’s to educate you on the realities of our modern world and emphasize the importance of self-care.

Detoxification helps the body work more efficiently.  We need to support our bodies through periodic detoxification, whole-food nutrition, movement, light, air, clean water,  relaxation, connection and creating a positive relationship with yourself & others to keep our bodies and minds healthy, clear and strong.

In Chinese medicine, the liver moves chi (energy) through the body.  When the liver is congested and the chi isn’t flowing; we get symptoms such as, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, irritability, frustration, mood swings, depression, PMS, chronic pain and a “stuck” feeling.  The liver is considered the home of the soul and our life’s purpose, so we want to heal and nourish the liver!

What is a toxin & why should I be concerned with them?

A toxin is any substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects in our body, undermines our state of wellness and stresses our normal biochemical functions.  Toxins poison our bodies, hasten tissue damage, and put strain on the liver.  Some symptoms of liver overload are fatigue, easy bruising, swelling of the legs, headaches, hormone imbalances such as PMS and difficulty with menopause, digestive problems, sensitivities to chemicals, and an inability to tolerate medications (just to name a few!).  Once the liver is overloaded, all of the other systems in the body are affected.  Toxins take their toll on the gut, brain, immune system and so on.  Symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, depression, eczema, autoimmune disorders, and weight gain can all be contributed to toxins and what we in the holistic health care field call “leaky gut.”  By eliminating toxic food, water and chemicals, and healing the body through gentle detox, movement, stress relief and an anti-inflammatory diet; we allow our bodies to restore and work optimally creating harmony and balance within.  The reason we do a gentle and supported detox is because toxins are stored in fat and body tissues and when they  begin to be released, they are either eliminated via detox pathways (skin, urine, tears, Poo!) or they circulate back into your blood causing “detox symptoms” or “die-off”.  We want to minimize these symptoms as much as possible, which is why it is recommended to work with a professional when doing a detox.  Those who are very sick or toxic need a lot of extra care and should be monitored by their doctor.

What can I expect?

We will reduce and/or eliminate caffeine, sugar, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, nicotine, dairy, soy, corn, gluten, all grains (for some people) and processed foods for 14 days.  We will learn about delicious substitutes for gluten, dairy, and soy. Some of you may be thinking; but I do fine with gluten & dairy…sometimes you don’t know how great you feel until you eliminate. Gluten & dairy have an opiate-like affect on the brain. Their proteins fit into opiate receptor sites in our brains making them highly addictive. Not only that, but they’re very inflammatory and irritating to the GI tract. Removing them will allow your digestive system to rest and repair.

You may experience some uncomfortable detox symptoms, which will pass.  However, this detox is designed to be slow and gentle with minimal detox symptoms.  You will not be “on the toilet” all day, but you may urinate more frequently due to a recommended increase in pure water, herbal teas and broths.  You can exercise normally while paying attention to how you feel. If you feel fatigue, be gentle and limit yourself to gentle movement, such as walking or yoga.

You may weigh yourself, take your measurements, take photos before & after of your body and skin if you prefer. Remember weight loss is not the goal; it’s a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. It’s also helpful to take notes and journal how you feel physically & emotionally throughout the program.

You will receive group support & gentle guidance from me.  My clients have eliminated IBS, digestive issues, mental fog, anxiety, fatigue, lost weight and gained energy, clarity, focus, clear & glowing skin, and positive attitude toward life!



It’s good to focus on what you can eat as opposed to what you should eliminate. Focus on the positive!

You will drink a protein smoothie for breakfast or lunch, which contains the liver detox protein powder used in this program. It is of high quality; containing a full array of nutrients (it serves as your multi-vitamin). Other meal, snacks and dinner will be normal meals. This is not a caloric restrictive diet! Eat until you are satiated. When you eat healthy, you will be balance your blood sugar and feel satisfied.

We will focus on increasing organic vegetables (7-9 servings/day), essential fats, teas, homemade broths, fermented foods and quality protein (preferably organic and/or grass-fed).

  • Meats: organic or grass-fed (local farms are best!). Organic bacon. No nitrates. I like Applegate brand.
  • Fish: wild Alaskan salmon is best. Wild or fresh caught fish.
  • Organic eggs (is you tolerate well)
  • Healthy fats: (organic)- coconut oil, olive oil/olives, palm oil, grape seed oil (NO cottonseed, corn, canola: they’re all GMO and hydrogenated, which means damaged and damage your cells). Avocado, nuts, seeds, ghee, grass-fed butter (kerrygold).
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits. Focus on low-glycemic fruits: berries, green apples, lemons/limes, kiwi.
  • Fermented foods: kimchi, sauerkraut, whole milk (or preferably goat) yogurt or kefir, beet kvass, Bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar., miso, homemade fermented veggies.
  • Homemade bone broth: 2 cups or more a day.
  • Herbal teas: rooibos, nettle, red raspberry good flavor), chamomile, lemon, peppermint, milk thistle, dandelion, oat straw.
  • Nuts & seeds: soaked/sprouted pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, chia seed, almonds, walnuts,
  • .I will offer a variety of meal plans and recipes for you to utilize, and there will be plenty of support to guide you in the right direction. Keep in mind this plan can be individualized. We are all at different levels of health. For example, if you normally drink 2 cups of coffee; you can gradually reduce to 1 cup & stay 1 or reduce to none. We can personalize this program for YOU.

WHEN should I do a detox?

There are Ayurveda principles that make a lot of sense. It is most important to cleanse when the body is naturally cleansing itself.  The Spring, Summer and Fall are great times. During the winter (especially in the northern states), our bodies are craving fat and protein: cooked, hearty meals of meats, root veggies, etc.  During the spring, our body is starting to lighten its load from the winter! This is a time of cleansing the body, mind and spirit. During the spring and summer, our bodies crave more raw, colorful and fresh foods: lots of veggies, fruits, sprouted nuts & seeds.  This continues through the summer. The fall is when our bodies are preparing for winter again! It’s that transition time when our bodies are starting to crave more fat/protein and complex carbs to “stock up” for the winter! This is not a good time for cleansing with raw foods. This is a great time to cleanse with the diet I mentioned above- more of a Paleo style diet.  During the winter months, I do not recommend a hard-core cleanse. However, the detox I have outlined above is suited for all seasons and can be more tailored to that season. For instance, the fall/winter detox can be heavier on fat/protein and the spring/summer can still be the detox I outlined above but more focused on the fresh, raw foods.

Anyone interested in signing up for a detox to learn more? Email me:



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