Benefits of Balance Essential Oil


Essential oils are all the buzz right now!  People are getting on board with these natural little bottles of pure gifts from Mother Earth. WHY you ask? They’re certified PURE, potent, safe and effective. Due to the intense testing and purity, these particular doTERRA oils are safe to use internally and are safe for pets, pregnant mommas and babies.  *Note: some aren’t recommended for babies and some need to be diluted, but all of that is noted on the bottle/info.

Today I want to chat about BALANCE. MY ALL TIME FAV!

BALANCEis know for its grounding effect. It helps to reduce anxiety, calm the mind and build confidence and connection.  Balance helps to balance the central nervous system.  This oil is a blend of four high quality therapeutic grade essential oils, which are effective in promoting calmness, peace, clear thinking and relaxation. It can work wonders when you feel stressed, overwhelmed and scattered.

This oil is made from the following elements.

Rosewood – This oil is used for soothing an individual from physical, mental and emotional stress. It helps in bringing out a sense of peace as well as tranquility.

Spruce – This oil is considered to be helpful in grounding the body while balancing the ability to give and receive. It also helps in dilating bronchial tract, which assists in deep breathing and releasing emotional blocks.

Frankincense – This particular oil has been used since centuries for treating physical as well as emotional disorders. The sesquiterpenes present in the oil helps in oxygenating the pineal and pituitary gland while passing the blood brain barrier to promote mental health. Moreover, it supports in strengthening an individual’s spiritual connection with a source of their own understanding.

Blue Tansy – Detoxifying oil, which helps to detoxify the liver and the lymphatic system, which are closely associated with emotions of depression and anger. Moreover, the connection of the mind and body allows this oil to aid in promoting well-being and self-control.

BALANCE can be applied to the bottoms of the feet to promote grounding, the back of the neck for relaxation and the insides of the wrists for confidence.  Balance can be applied directly or diluted in fractionated coconut oil for those with very sensitive skin.


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