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Keepin it Real…


Yes, I am aware I look like a total dork in this photo, and I’m proud of it! Cuz I’m so much happier now than I was 10 years ago!

I have another detox program coming up in January.  I was considering marketing my detox program differently- aimed at weight loss, which is what the majority of folks are focused on, but I had to keep it real! This program isn’t about weight loss and food (although it’s a byproduct). It’s about developing a deeper love for yourself and a healthy relationship with food, which is what LASTS a lifetime. I would love to have you on this transformational journey the beginning of January!

A lot of people neglect their health (esp. folks in my age group) because no disorders/diseases have manifested yet. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I’m here to tell you that will only last so long…the habits you develop now will last into your 50’s, 60’s and beyond. Who wants to feel bloated, constipated, tired, irritable, depressed, fat and drained? I know I don’t! Once I changed my mindset from counting calories, losing weight and beating myself up for not having enough “will power” and shifted the focus on honoring my physical temple and living the most fulfilling life I could live- did I completely change my life forever. By default, I changed my husband’s life, my son’s life and all of the client’s lives that I have the pleasure of working with.

It’s always interesting at the holidays. There’s such a phobia around weight gain and there’s even an underlying American belief of- “it’s the holidays, so I will indulge and accept that I will feel shitty and gain weight.”  This doesn’t have to be your belief!  Holidays are about honoring certain folks- Jesus Christ for one- being surrounded by loved ones and being in gratitude for all of the gifts we were given.  Yet, our focus is on gorging ourselves with sugar & alcohol (and accepting that it’s OK), and spending way too much money on material things. I’m not against gifts by any means, but we overdo it and put all of our focus on material items rather than love, gratitude, family and friends.  I have offered several holiday specials on health packages, yet no takers?  I even wrote a post about a FREE 3-session package to a lucky winner and NO ENTRIES?! WHAT?!  Why is that? Maybe because we put more value on material items than on our health…that’s America. I’m sorry I’m just keepin it real!  What is a better gift than the gift of health- the gift of feeling better, more energetic, more love, more balance, which turns into better relationships, more productivity at work/home, more money, more education, more self-healing and spirituality, a better sex life, and more peace in the world?

I would love to give you a gift this holiday season, and I really hope you take advantage!  AGAIN, I would like to offer a free 3-session package for one lucky winner. All you have you to do is write me a letter (message/email) listing your background, health concerns and health goals with a 100% commitment level to changing your life.

My second offer is a 20% discount on ALL of my services, and I work with people via Skype and in person.

My third offer is a TRANSFORMATIONAL DETOX PROGRAM beginning in January.

Dude, who is IN?! Who is ready to grab this new year by the ass and say, I’m changing my beliefs, and I’m ready to be my BEST self?!

I hope to hear from you all soon. Many blessings!


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