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I lived the Standard American Lifestyle for a Week and This is What Happened…


Typically, it’s called the Standard American Diet (SAD), but I think it’s more about the entire lifestyle!

Some back story: my husband just came home from a 7 month deployment. For the past 7 months I’ve been doing my thing, working, cooking, reducing alcohol to the occasional social drink, going to bed early, meditating, earthing, journaling, getting Qi Gong, massage, doing Pilates, Yoga and personal training, spiritual counseling, being creative, being a momma and taking care of business- at home and at work. I’ve been in a pretty solid, healthy routine for months and feeling fantastic (overall)- physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  My husband came home, and we (our little nugget and I) have been over-joyed at our reunion!! When he walked in the door, our home felt complete and safe.  Due to all of the excitement; I let myself go a bit (my choice! My hubby supports our healthy lifestyle) and here’s what happened…

I started drinking a cup of organic coffee, which quickly turned into two cups of commercial coffee. I started NEEDING that pick-me-up in the morning and late afternoon.  I started my day with organic whole wheat toast and PB, which spiked my blood sugar and led to binges on carbs and sugar the rest of the day. When 4-5 o’clock hit, it was time to wind down and have a few drinks to relax and watch TV.  After two days, it became a craving; I couldn’t wait for that drink to calm my mind!  We wanted to celebrate, so we started going out to eat at least once per day. This quickly led to me not feeling like cooking and opting for a quick meal that I didn’t have to prepare. I was just looking for food to fill the hole rather than focusing on the nutritional value.

Here was my vicious cycle:

I went to bed late, slept like crap, needed coffee to wake me up in the morning, craved carbs first thing, ate like crap the rest of the day, needed a nap or a cup of coffee around 2 to keep going, had a few drinks around 5 and started all over again.  When I say CRAP, this is what I mean: gluten/bread, hydrogenated oils from chips/crackers, eating out at restaurants, some fried foods, dairy, sugar and unhealthy carbs like whole wheat bread, noodles, crackers and poor quality commercial meats.

I said standard American lifestyle because it’s not JUST about food/drink; it’s the whole (holistic) package. I wasn’t taking care of myself emotionally and spiritually either. Lack of exercise, no spiritual activities, no journaling or reading left me depleted, disconnected and emotionally drained. I lost balance QUICKLY. I felt pity for myself, irritable and angry with others for no reason, and I lost my passion for healing and health.

It wasn’t long before I was irritable, angry, so exhausted I couldn’t function, weak, foggy, bloated, constipated, my skin had a breakout (two painful zits!), chapped lips, dry skin, SUPER depressed and oh yeah- I gained 5 pounds (which I can totally afford and I actually dig the way I look but surely NOT the way I feel!)!! AND I GOT SICK! My immune system was compromised from the poor diet & stress.  My throat hurts, I have body aches, and I’m exhausted. It’s my body’s final signal that I need to nurture myself.

A WEEK my friends- a WEEK!! Imagine what months and years of living this lifestyle does to your health? I didn’t even realize it until I eliminated/reduced all of these nutrition bandits just how AMAAZING I could feel living a healthy lifestyle.

What does a typical day of nutrition look like for me?

*warm filtered water with lemon, collagen and ghee first thing in the morning

*Organic herbal teas & homemade bone broth

*Greens powder, vitamin C powder, sea salt and collagen drink or smoothie

*Organic or local free-range eggs with sautéed organic greens in coconut oil with avocado

*Veggies, nuts, seeds, hard-boiled eggs, quality protein bar (primal kitchen) for snacks

*A large organic salad with organic chicken, bacon and homemade olive oil/ACV dressing

*Meat with veggies or meat/veggie soup or stew or seafood w/ veggies for dinner

*I typically don’t consume coffee, gluten, soy, MSG, processed food, sugar, dairy (sometimes some fermented), soda, juice, alcohol…sounds boring? It’s not! There are SO many options and food becomes SO tasty and savory! It’s SO WORTH IT! And now I realize just how worth it is for me!

Today is day 3 of being back to myself. I have nourished my body with all of the foods I mentioned I above, started journaling again, smudging to clear negative energy, making a gratitude list, resting and exercising, taking hot Epsom salt baths and going to bed early. Yesterday I started feeling energetic again, clear, relaxed, joyful, grateful, centered, good rest/sleep, connected, my skin is healthy and glowing again and chapped lips went away, I kicked the sickness to the curb by upping my nutrients via quality supplements, no more bloat, gas or constipation…I’m back to being a well-oiled machine! 🙂

IMG_7519I wrote this because I wanted to be vulnerable. I wanted you to know that I’m FAR from perfect, and I still fall off the wagon here and there. Each time I am reminded how grateful I am for my healthy lifestyle because I’m SO much happier and vital!! It’s been a 5 year healing process, and health in not a linear line. There will be big steps forward and setbacks, and resilience is what makes success. Each time I bounce back faster and stronger and to me: that’s what success is!

If you’re interested in joining me on this health journey, please come to my free class on holistic detox and learn how to jump start your health, cleanse your bodies, homes and minds and maintain it long-term.  This class can will be local in Mystic, CT. but can also be done remotely. The program is $250 and includes the quality supplements (protein detox powder including herbs to support the liver and nutrients to heal the body) and Amino DTox capsules to jump start the liver. It also includes support from me, a private FB page, a shopping list, two 14-day meal plan options and handouts on how to cleanse your environment and mind/emotions. I give specific recommendations on what to replace when it comes to products (skin and household). Clients who have completed this program report better energy, focus, digestion, sleep, mood and weight loss as well as easy maintenance. This will be a whole food detox (no juicing or starving yourself here!). Contact me if you’re interested in the details. or 757-753-6984. Namaste.

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