Health Facts

Gelatin for Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails, Digestion, Muscles and Joints

The best way to get quality gelatin in your diet is to make homemade bone broth. Here is the recipe.  It has amazing flavor that will spice up any soup or stew and is even good by itself heated up with some sea salt and ghee (optional). If you cringe at the thought of making bone broth or don’t have the time, then there’s another option: collagen powder.

Purchase this one because it is verified from grass-fed and humanely raised cows.  Purchase through my store Amazon here!

Benefits of Gelatin:

  • Supports skin, hair and nail growth
  • Good for joints and can help joint recovery
  • Can help tighten loose skin
  • Improves digestion and heals “leaky gut”
  • Rumored to help improve cellulite
  • Great source of dietary collagen
  • Source of super absorbable protein and its specific amino acids can help build muscle.

Gelatin is a good source of protein (6 grams per Tablespoon), collagen and amino acids (it has 18, 9 of which are essential). Of these amino acids, Glycine is reported to help liver function (it’s also very calming to the nervous system and great to have before bed in warm chamomile tea!) and Lysine is utilized in muscle building, vitamin C and calcium absorption. Because of this, gelatin is often included in recipes for homemade baby formula, as it also helps digest milk proteins.

How I Use It:

It’s super easy! Collagen powder can be mixed with hot or cold liquids. It has no taste, so it can be mixed with anything. It’s great for picky kids who aren’t consuming enough quality protein. I aim for 2 Tbs. per day. I put it in my smoothies, soups, stews, tea or for kids you can add to applesauce, yogurt or anything really! I have noticed smoother skin, better digestion, lubricated non-achy muscles and joints, stronger nails and thicker hair.



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