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Tips for Traveling Healthy


My clients (and my!) biggest downfalls happen during traveling.  Whether it’s a day trip, a road trip or a flight away; I find it challenging to stick to my guns.  Although we are out of our typical routines while traveling; we can still make healthy choices and plan ahead. Here are my tips for traveling:

1. Do your research. I always look up the menus at the hotel where I’ll be staying and make sure I have options. That way, if I have questions, I can call ahead and talk to the staff and come up with some options for myself while I’m there. Apps like Find Me Gluten-Free are really helpful. You can also Google “gluten free + [city name]” to find nearby restaurants. When dining out, I often review the menu BEFORE I arrive to make a solid decision on what I want to order. That eliminates the need for will power when I get there and frees up all that energy to focus on good company.  When you can’t decide what to order, just go for the protein (fish, eggs or quality meat) and veggies. Ask your veggies to be cooked in butter to avoid the hydrogenated oils they typically use. Bring a sea salt or kelp shaker to sprinkle on your food.

If you’re staying in a hotel ask for a mini fridge in your room to store your goodies.

2. Bring your own food. This one is a must, and a lifesaver for me. Plenty of healthy foods don’t require refrigeration and are completely portable. Some of my favorites are unsweetened organic applesauce, kale chips, toasted coconut chips, sprouted pumpkin seeds, roasted seaweed snacks, nuts, seeds, veggie sticks, fruit, protein powder, green superfood, flax snacks, GO RAW protein bars, Wild Albacore Tuna and more.

3. Pack your supplements. When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is worry about forgetting your essential supplements. Make sure to pack the appropriate supplements that you would take during your daily regimen, plus some additional “safety” supplements. I highly recommend taking a digestive enzyme anytime you eat out. Restaurant food is often richer than food you would eat at home, and digestive you break down and digest your meal.

4. Bring ice packs and insulated containers. Ice packs are super useful–I put them in the hotel fridge or freezer, and then I pack them into an insulated bag with veggies, fruits, or last night’s leftovers to enjoy later! Another great option is to carry bone broth or soup in an insulated thermos (I like Klean Kanteen).  You can also pack your cooler full of goodies for your daytime travels, which saves time, money and health!

5.  Drink plenty of water

6.  Pack your workout clothes and sneakers. Stretch whenever possible.

7. Schedule a massage or facial at your hotel to pamper yourself! They also both help support detox, which your body will need more of while traveling.


Adapted from the Meyer’s Way.



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