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The Biology of Belief…A Gamechanger


We are not random genes driving a purposeless life until we die…

“It appears that human experience is not as it has been previously framed and echoed by philosopher Alan Watts – flesh robots on a dead rock in the middle of nowhere. When the human experience is reduced in this way, it’s most essential elements are denied – beauty, spirit, meaning.” -Dr. Kelly Brogan

The human experience is a graceful dance with humility, a fundamentally sacred and healing journey, more powerful than our will and driven with pain, beauty and purpose.  We are not defined by our parents, circumstances or our genes. We are defined by how we lives our lives…authenticity, strength, intention and belief are the influential factors that shape our human experiences.  When we rely on science alone to solve our “problems”, we lose sight of the deeper meaning of our existence. We lose sight of the body-mind connection and interconnected web of experiences that create our reality. If we define ourselves by our genes, then we are doomed; we will live in fear, regret and remorse. It’s time to embrace epigenetics and have faith in our adaptable bodies. Only then will we be free.

“Epigenetics encompasses all that is beyond the genes (it actually means “above”) and includes modulators, modifiers, and any influence on the expression of genes and even the possibility that nonhuman genes may play an expressive role in human physiology. It also refers to the almost 99% of our genome that was once pejoratively called “junk DNA” and now is more mystically referred to as Dark Matter, as Dr. Jeff Bland describes here.”

How we live our lives, what we think and believe, and the actions we take are the major players in our health and longevity. Nature, movement, nutrition, beliefs all support OR harm our bodies. If we think we are doomed by our genetics, then we are less likely to care for ourselves.

We are not guaranteed an illness just because “it runs in the family.”  If your parents have diabetes, you are NOT doomed to have diabetes too!  It may mean extra self care and awareness, but you CAN live a healthy and vital life. What if you BELIEVE that you are doomed with your genetics? Then you will be doomed. You will be sending your body those messages with your thoughts and then with your actions. If you fear that you will get cancer because your mom did, even if you take care of yourself, then your chances increase dramatically because you BELIEVE/FEAR it will likely happen to you.

Personally, I have experienced this to a lessor degree.  For a while, whenever I would drink a glass of red wine, I would get a headache and become irritable (yes, this can also be physiological- sulfites, amines, histamine intolerance, poor liver function, etc.). I then stopped drinking wine (much to my dismay because I LOVE a good glass of red!) and FEARED that it would happen every time I tried it. When I feared it, it happened 100% of the time.  When I made the decision to relax completely, bless the wine as nourishment for my body, savor every sip and BELIEVE that the wine was in fact gold in a glass…guess what happened??? I HAD NO REACTION. I’m not saying I drink every day or I can drink 4 glasses of wine, but one glass occasionally is perfectly fine for me now.

THE MIND IS THE BODY. Let that really settle in…

Quotes by Dr. Kelly Brogan. Check out her book: A Mind Of Your Own

Check out this book: The Biology of Belief.



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