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My Blood Sugar Crash

I recently started back on my morning smoothies to get all of my greens and super foods into my day in one shot.  Well, let me tell you how my body responds to sugar in the morning: LIKE CRAP! I know it looks pretty, but looks can be deceiving!


9am: Smoothie Recipe:

1 cup organic strawberries

1 banana (holy sugar- what was I thinking?!)

1/4 cup coconut water

2 cups of filtered water

1 scoop RAW green/protein powder w/ 20 grams of protein

2 scoops collagen powder: 8 grams protein

1 Tbs. coconut oil

Super foods: goji berries, acai powder, cinnamon, camu camu, pumpkin seeds

Here’s what I was thinking: I’ve got 30 grams of protein, healthy fats w/ loads of fiber, which will slow the glycemic effects of the banana, coconut water and strawberries. I will feel satiated, balanced and fueled for my workout. WRONG!

THE VERDICT: My workout was TERRIBLE. I had a little spike of energy at the beginning but by halfway through I was dragging and irritable.  By the time I got home at 11:30, I was ravenous & super grumpy. I dove into the snacks: almond crackers, avocado, potato chips: anything I could find. I was literally starving (and no I’m not PMS if you were wondering!).  I had a day full of fatigue, blood sugar swings and moodiness regardless of how much protein and fat I tried to rebound with. Breakfast seriously sets my day! Lesson learned. My body doesn’t like sugar in the morning and most people’s don’t. It’s not the natural rhythm of our bodies. We naturally need healthy complex carbs 3pm and after. Most people do best on low carb overall, but there are some people (especially women), who do not thrive on low carb. Pay attention to your body. Make a journal. Get in tune with yourself.


9am: Breakfast for Champions

I’m not much for measuring, but this is close enough:

Upon wakening: warm lemon & Celtic sea salt water, hot water w/ ghee, cinnamon & collagen powder. Gets things flowing, eliminates toxins, boosts mood, balances the body’s pH, alkalinizes.

2 fried eggs over easy cooked in coconut oil w/ se salt & pepper

6 kalamata olives

1/4 avocado

1 cup spinach sautéed in coconut oil

2 slices organic Applegate ham

chopped radishes & cucumbers

1 scoop organic sprouted almond butter

1 oz. raw organic sprouted pumpkin seeds

A few grapes

THE VERDICT: I FELT AMAZING AND SATIATED.  I went to the gym and had a fantastic, energetic workout feeling like I could go longer but had to stop myself.  Had sustained energy & a positive mood ALL DAY LONG. Our bodies crave protein and fats in the morning. Experiment and see what you find!




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