Now is the Time for Connection & Love

Everyone knows I’m obnoxiously positive and optimistic, but there are times when I feel crushed to my soul, crippled with fear, anger, grief and pain…but I still have hope.


I’m probably one of the least political people you will ever meet. I’ll be honest; I’ve never really kept up, I don’t watch the news, and I refuse to get caught up in the non-sense of politicians. It just feels judgmental, harsh, and fear-based with negative vibes emanating from the TV.  I feel the division of Americans, and it rubs me the wrong way.  But this year was different…it was shouting at me, and I had no choice but to pay attention.  The shockwaves of this divisive election are rippling around the globe. It was the most polarizing election of my lifetime, and I believe it’s a desperate calling for unity. It’s a time for us, as people, to come together as one; one heart, one country; one planet.  This is not a time to label “us and “them.” We are all equals and live on this planet together (whether we like it or not 🙂  This is a chance, a gift, a plea for truth and reconciliation.

We must be humble. We must listen to each other. We must connect heart to heart and soul to soul.

This doesn’t mean that we shall not feel our emotions. Embody them, allow them to fill you up and pass through you…letting them go like a stream that passes by. Processing your emotions about the election and then making a conscious decision to be a better person, to unite, to love, to OWN each choice you make in your life. Let us take responsibility for our beliefs, thoughts, actions and reactions. The power does not lie with one person. The power lies within all of us. The more we unite; the stronger we become.

A More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is by Charles Einstein writes:  this is the space between stories.  The old world fell apart and the new world has not yet emerged. So what occupies that space between stories? Hope. Growth. Possibilities. Healing.

This is a time for reflection. A time to go within and learn a little bit more about ourselves, about each other and about our planet.  May we all come together in this time of uncertainty.

We are creating a NEW STORY. A story of unity, grace and connection. An awakening. An increase in awareness and consciousness. A new integrity. A new LOVE.

Love Love Love to you all!!!


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