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Protein Powder Power!

Protein is a critical part of your diet. It’s critical for building neurotransmitters, for healthy cellular function and to regulate your body’s tissues and organs. Protein is the cornerstone in which neurotransmitters and hormones are built.

Protein powders help naturally support:

-hormone metabolism

-healthy metabolism

-lean muscle

-cellular health

-muscle repair

-suppress appetite naturally

-aids in liver detox

-promotes healthy blood sugar levels

Are you paying for poor quality protein powders with whey isolate, soy or pea from reputable sources? Denatured? Do your powders contain hidden sugars, fillers, artificial ingredients? Many protein powders sold today, especially through MLM companies, are garbage. The nutrients found in these powders are poor form and poor quality. Please pay attention to the quality of your protein powders! They are NOT created equal.

I have a few favorite protein powders, and they are non-gmo, pure, safe, naturally sweetened, easy to digest, absorbable and low carb. They are also grass-fed if from cows.

My Favorites:

PurePaleo IgG (also supports gut health and immune system from immunoglobulins- chocolate or vanilla):


Organic Pure Pea (Vegan):

PaleoCleanse Plus (Liver detox as well, Vegan):

H-S-N Collagen powder:

Great Lakes Collagen Powder:

Please contact me for a supplement consultation to find the appropriate products for you! and

Be well.




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