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Food Sensitivity Testing: Is it Necessary?

Food allergy testing

Picture this. You have gut issues, skin issues, mood issues; so you think it may be gluten or dairy or soy. You get a food sensitivity panel for anywhere between $200-$1000, which says you’re sensitive to not only gluten, dairy, soy but also peanuts, tomatoes, almonds, melon and spinach. You eliminate those “bad foods” and your health doesn’t improve.


The science is not there yet.  And even if you are sensitive to said foods on a given day; it will change in a few weeks.  Our bodies are always changing and adapting, which means that these tests only offer a snapshot of your health – not the big picture.

What these sensitivities tell you is that you have gut permeability, which the majority of people have due to toxic exposure, stress, sugar, alcohol, GMOs and processed foods.  This is a given and does not need a test to confirm.  I implement a gut healing protocol to all of my clients as a first step in the physical healing process.

An unfortunate consequence of results from a food sensitivity panel is it gives you the green light for restriction, black and white, good and bad…more labels, more perfection, more struggle, more fear.

Tests breed FEAR. 

When we lead from fear; we do not heal.  When we lead with love and empowerment; we ignite innate healing.  It is always deeper than a test. We are complex creatures my friend.

Eating for healing shouldn’t require studying a long list of redline foods. It should simply require a shift in perspective. Food is not a source of fuel. It is not calories. And it is not proteins, carbs, and fats. Food is your bridge to the natural world. It is how you communicate to your soul that you are still a part of the greater web of life. It is how you message your genome that you’re connected to what you need to thrive.” – Dr. Kelly Brogan.

Read full article here.

Now of course if an individual is born with a severe food allergy (IgE), then they must avoid that substance, plant, food, etc.  However, we are speaking more about food sensitivities here, which elicit an IgG response and are constantly changing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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