The Power of Language

The Power of Language Real talk: what we say out loud becomes our truth. What we repeat and focus on; expands and grows. Those are facts. Language is a powerful tool to design our lives… When I work with clients; my ears and intuition are on FULL ALERT at all times. I have the innate… Continue reading The Power of Language

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An Authentic Turn for the Best

An Authentic Turn for the Best As I transition into this new space of calling myself a healer; I am freaked out and also delighted. WHY? The truth is…I have always been insecure about my intelligence. I spent many years earning my degree and certifications, educating myself and learning from leading experts in my holistic… Continue reading An Authentic Turn for the Best

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Should we make resolutions?

It’s officially the season of new beginnings and transformation. What is your #1 health goal for 2019? In the spirit of new years resolutions; I would love to talk about the power of language.  Rather than setting super specific goals and declaring you will start new habits; what if you changed the language to: “I… Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR! Should we make resolutions?


Is Saying “Don’t be Too Hard on Yourself” an E-ZPass?

“Don’t Be so Hard on Yourself” This is a common saying amongst women and especially women who are striving to become better, healthier, stronger version of themselves (myself included).  I am able to see it two different ways. One way is it’s an easy out when we don’t want to change or face the harsh… Continue reading Is Saying “Don’t be Too Hard on Yourself” an E-ZPass?


I AM ENOUGH.   I am not enough is a common core belief in our society and one that I have always struggled with myself.  We project this scarcity mindset onto everything…Not enough: Time Money Success Education Beauty Not enough _________.   Not being enough is story that we tell ourselves. It is a pattern… Continue reading


What is Success?

What does success look like to you? I ask this question to myself quite often… Success can come in so many forms and can be defined in so many ways.  Does success mean pursuing your passions? Having a family? Having a high-paying job that support you and your family? Having a career that is in… Continue reading What is Success?

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My Personal Transformation

Hi! For those of you who don’t know me personally…my name is Krystal. I’m a certified holistic nutritionist, and I’ve had a thriving private practice for 4 years.  I have supported countless people as they journey from poor health to vibrant beings.  My success has manifested from my authenticity, my ability to connect and my… Continue reading My Personal Transformation