“Krystal’s nutritional guidance was perfectly suited for my family. I loved that she worked within our numerous allergies to help develop easy to follow meal plans. I was also thankful for all of her guidance with navigating the very confusing world of supplements. My energy level increased, my stress level decreased, and my overall health improved — so much so that we decided to expand our family once again! Krystal also offered lots of recipes and tips during my pregnancy, and I am so thankful that she shared all of her suggestions with me!”— Ashley

“I thought I was leading a pretty healthy lifestyle, but we could all use a little tweaking to ensure that our health continues as we age. Krystal provided helpful hints that were backed up by scientific studies and helped my husband and I to set healthy routines that we are still practicing today and we feel even better and healthier than we did before!!”

— Angie

“I would love to recommend Krystal Ross to anyone needing guidance in their desire for a happier, healthier, more satisfying life. Many of us were brought up on junk food (myself included). Krystal has helped me find more balance in my choices for healthy eating. She helped me tailor my choices of foods that increase my health, energy, vitality, and zest for life. Sometimes I would over eat, and I wasn’t getting enough nutrients. I don’t over eat anymore because the food I eat is so satisfying to me. Thank you, Krystal! You helped me so much.”

— Konnie Mast

“Krystal worked with me to resolve some challenging issues with my digestive system. She helped to identify food combinations that were causing some of the problems, and gave me recommendations for other sources of nutrients, which I was better able to tolerate. Throughout, Krystal was warm, sympathetic and proactive in researching possible solutions. I always looked forward to my sessions with her, even when I wasn’t feeling well. With her knowledge and support, I got past the worst and am now feeling much much better! I can wholeheartedly recommend Krystal.”

— Carrie

“I’ve known Krystal for many years, and have always been intrigued by her journey with nutrition. Having Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease, I found myself having difficulty losing weight and constantly feeling exhausted. I finally reached a breaking point and reach out to Krystal for help. I has seen her posts about “cleanses” but has always been frightened thinking it was too extreme, and I had never done well with extreme diets. I would start out strong, crack, subsequently fail, and end up worse than before. I was also worried about my new diet/lifestyle affecting my social life. I live int he city with two roommates. There is always something going on, and I didn’t want to miss out. I managed to choose a two-week period and dedicate that to my health. By day 2 I was so into it and mad at myself for not doing it sooner. It wasn’t extreme at all. Krystal outlined a plan for me and I was immediately surprised at how much food I was eating and how many different recipes and meals I could put together. After my two week cleanse, I was down 7 pounds and had so much energy. I was an avid coffee drinker before, and I haven’t had coffee in over a month. I never thought I would be able to say that! At this point (a little over a month) I’m more energetic, down 10 pounds, sleeping better and feeling great! I can honestly say I made a lifestyle change as opposed to going on a diet. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me! ”

— Claire

“I started working with Krystal when my son was about nine months old. My energy levels were inconsistent and with the addition of a little one to an already hectic life… I really needed to be at my best! I also wanted to set a good example for my son. Krystal took a very holistic approach, with a great mix of being super supportive, yet flexible. She took time to get to know me, and understand how to challenge me while still staying realistic. After only a few sessions, I started to feel healthier than I ever had before. Now several months later, I still feel great! She helped me create strong habits that have kept me on the right track with very little day-to-day effort. My weight is lower than before I had my son, and my body feels strong and energetic. I am so glad that I made the investment of working with Krystal, because my family and I will be reaping the rewards for a very long time!”

— Lauren G.

“I met Krystal at a maternity expo at a local hospital when I was 8 months pregnant with my fourth child. Since I’ve already had a few successful pregnancies, I was very confident about my knowledge about pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, I’ve always struggled with my weight and with a recurring eating disorder. I knew that I needed a different kind of support. So when I met Krystal and she told me of her services, I figured I might as well try it since whatever I had been trying over the past decade was obviously not working.

Very soon after working with Krystal, I gained a ton of knowledge about the short and long term effects of nutrition and gut health to both me and my baby. Since I have older children, I could put the information she gave me and relate it to my children. I was even more motivated to help change how my family values nutrition since I wanted to empower my children with the knowledge that was never given to me in childhood. Soon, I was less concerned about how to lose the baby weight and more focused on nurturing my body, my soul, and my children more fully.

Krystal took such a genuine interest in me, my wellness, and my values that I feel she is an integral part of the health of my family. She is always reachable and always has an answer. Krystal has never given me a recommendation without a thorough explanation about how that change will affect me. I noticed so many obvious, positive changes within myself and with my family during this pregnancy that I easily made the decision to have a maintenance consultation program with Krystal post-partum.

Krystal has a gentle, wise and pleasant way of understanding her client’s needs and somehow helps you find that motivation within yourself to implement those changes. I absolutely recommend Krystal’s support for anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their health!”

— Christie B.

“My WHOLE entire life, and I mean whole, I have been sick or just board line sick, no conventional doctor could ever quiet pin point what it was, with the exception of when I was five and diagnosed me with Mono. I am twenty-one now and have seen so many different doctors- all of which have told me I’m fine or just borderline on every possible problem and no action needs to be taken. One doctor had diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and wanted me to go on anti-depressants and others just made me feel like I was crazy or oversensitive. When I met Krystal, I was at the point where I mentally had had enough and so had my body, I had low thyroid levels, none of which were a concern to my doctors, I was losing my hair, I was having some sleep issues, and of course the digestive issues. I was always constipated or gassy, and at the end of the day my stomach would just look swollen. I felt uncomfortable throughout the day as I always felt like I needed to go to the bathroom but nothing ever would happen. I originally started working with Krystal because I wanted to try reiki, which I thought would help balance my body and calm my nerves, yes I was also a very moody and anxious person. But I did not think it would ever help get my body working the way it did. For over a year I had not gotten a period. All the doctors I had seen, said it was fine, “its just because your skinny” they all would say. I found trouble believing this, Krystal told me after my session that my body had low energy and that some of my chakras were spinning the wrong way. The next day I got my period for the first time in over a year. I was astonished. Afterwards me and Krystal began working on my diet to try and improve my digestion. She gave me comprehensive protocol of all the things I needed to do, it was very easy to follow and I was able to get all my supplements through her which made it very convenient! I like working with Krystal because she not only wants to improve your physical health but your mental well being as well. She believes it is an important part of the healing process and I couldn’t agree more. Since the beginning of my time with Krystal my health has improved dramatically, not only physically but mentally as well, I am able to handle my mood swings, I am much less tired, my hair has stopped falling out and is now thick, I no longer rely on caffeine for my energy and lastly my digestive symptoms are much more manageable. Plus if you want to talk about numbers, I know some people like cold hard facts, my candida overgrowth went from severe the previous summer to now at a moderate level! I still work with Krystal and we check-in almost daily, if I ever have a question she is there! She’s like Crystal.. the Gem of knowledge. I would recommend Krystal and her expertise to anyone struggling with unresolved health issues or even if your just not “feeling like yourself”. She has dramatically improved the quality of my life and I’m sure she can do the same for you!”

— Love Bri

“Had my first reiki experience today with thevitalmama …what an awesome experience! I struggle daily with anxiety; some days are worse than others. I find it extremely hard to shut my brain off even when relaxing. Reiki brought me such a feeling of peace and relaxation that I have never really felt before. At the end of the session I pulled an angel card; I tried my best to fight back my tears but totally failed. This hits so closed to home. If you live locally (as in where I live now lol) please give my friend a call and give it a shot. It will most definitely be something I will go back to do again.”

— Bridget

“I have always believed that life is a journey that we cannot travel alone. Krystal has become one of those people whom I consider near and dear. Krystal is caring, constantly giving guidance, and a wealth of knowledge. I am thankful for her everyday. Krystal is one of the kindest and giving people that I have met. Her passion for health, healing, and a positive mindset is infectious. She has helped my stress to almost disappear through Reiki and has helped me get on a great track with Nutrition. I highly recommend her to everyone.”

— Tim B.

“I can’t thank Krystal enough for working with me. I came to her with a host of digestive issues and she has truly made my life better. In our first session we thoroughly covered my medical history and other relevant history. Based on that, she created an easy-to-follow meal plan along with personalized recommendations and articles to read. Krystal is extremely knowledgeable about specific foods and supplements that will help address various health issues. She not only helped me relieve my symptoms, but, more importantly, focused on treating the root causes of my digestive problems. I no longer have to take pills (with potentially harmful long-term effects) every morning because Krystal helped me find a food plan that works with my body.”

— Katie

“I have now had two Reiki sessions with Krystal, and I plan to make them a regular part of my schedule. They have made such a difference in my health and well-being! I often struggle with stress management, anxiety, and occasionally some self-image issues. Receiving reiki has led to greater clarity, peacefulness, focus, and productivity. I somehow feel more myself than before, I’m centered and am more comfortable in my own skin, and find it easy to acknowledge and process my thoughts and feelings, without them causing distraction or stress. Her services have been such a gift! As for Krystal herself, she is extremely professional, and radiates kindness, compassion, and warmth. I highly recommend her services!”

— Kimberly B.

“I saw Krystal for a facial and it was the best service I’ve ever had! She first consulted with me about my skincare concerns and then proceeded to customize a skincare regimen for me. She was incredibly professional, caring, and concerned with my well being throughout the whole experience. She also provided me with a reiki session during my facial which helped me feel incredibly relaxed and well-balanced. Her facilities are clean and beautiful and the entire experience was fantastic. I would highly recommend her services to everyone!”

— Hayley

“Krystal is extremely knowledgeable and a good listener. She gave an excellent diagnosis and treatment plan. She also provided helpful educational resources and follow-up.”

— Maggie

“I visited Krystal for a Reiki session- my first ever and I have to say I will be returning to her in the near future. She was professional and her space was clean and relaxing. As for the reiki session, I cannot put into words everything I felt that day but I left feeling more centered and at peace. I look forward to gaining more clarity and calmness as I continue to see Krystal in the future. I highly recommend visiting the Vital Mama!”

— Kerrie

“I have had one reiki session with Krystal and I plan on making this a regular part of my life. Since seeing Krystal I have had more clarity and peace of mind since I think I ever have. I am more aware of my emotions when I am experiencing them and am able to process them more clearly; even during moments of stress, which is something I have always struggled with. Krystal is kind and attentive, she is very professional and extremely compassionate. I felt very comfortable working with her and look forward to booking my next session with her. I strongly recommend her!”

— Alicia

“I saw Krystal for a Reiki session. It was one of the most soothing, grounding, healing experiences! In addition to being an incredible energy worker, she utilized high quality essential oils to create a perfect experience! She is kind, professional, and extremely skilled. I already have many more sessions set up with her (and you should, too!)”

— Farrah

“I booked a facial after meeting Krystal and looking at her prices. I saw she had extensive amount of services but I wanted to treat myself to a facial. It was a splurge as I was pregnant with my 2nd and was long over due for one and figured once my baby came it would be hard to get away after.

I booked my facial appointment and am glad that I did. She was very welcoming, professional, very knowledgeable and offered to do Reiki. I loved that all of her products were natural products as I have such sensitive skin. The facial massage was phenomenal, calming, and relaxing. I about fell asleep during my facial!
I would highly recommend her services and facial especially! Thank you for my lovely facial and baby soft skin!”

— Boo S.

“From nutrition to organic facials and all things relaxation… this girl is amazing!!! I highly recommend!!!”

— Tamin

“It’s been several years now, but I mentored Krystal through her Nutrition Consultant training at Bauman College. It’s a hard program full of in-depth research papers on health conditions and detailed case study requirements. Krystal did a fantastic job and consistently got high grades. She worked with her clients with a lot of thoughtfulness and compassion. Krystal has much knowledge and experience with which to help people improve their energy, focus and moods through holistic nutrition.”

— Anasuya

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