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Real talk: life is not all rainbows and butterflies.  Life is meant to include the light AND the darkness.  The question then becomes; how do we stay centered and grounded in who we are and what we want amidst the chaos, the darkness, the pain?

This is where I can help you grow…

Why Work With Me?

I combine my unique background in psychology with my expertise in holistic healing, reiki energy work, nutrition and wellness to help you see the magic within you, align with your authentic truth, heal underlying physical & emotional imbalances, awaken your desires and nurture your body-mind-spirit connection.

I will provide a safe space with genuine and compassionate support as I teach you practical moment-to-moment tools to transform blocks, limiting beliefs and emotional overwhelm into self-love, unshakable confidence and emotional freedom.  Life is about moments and each moment is a new opportunity.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about loving yourself enough to be honest and continue to uncover your innate wisdom to live with more passion, joy and ease.


What to expect when you work with me:

*All coaching calls can be done by phone or Zoom video call.

  • From frazzled, stressed & overwhelmed to centered and grounded
  • From completely burned out and exhausted to awake, alive and energetic
  • From feeling like life controls you to feeling like a conscious creator of YOUR life
  • From lonely and isolated to finding your tribe
  • From feeling like you can’t escape old habits to breaking FREE from old beliefs & becoming who you’re meant to be
  • From feeling bored with daily life to seizing the day and feeling inspired
  • From feeling trapped to feeling FREE
  • From feeling weighed down by life’s demands to feeling LIGHT and revitalized


3 Month TRANSFORM Program

Are you COMMITTED to creating a new level of energy, passion and self-awareness to become centered and grounded in who you are and what you desire?

Are you WILLING to do what it takes to become the best version of yourself?

TAKE THE LEAP and step into my healing container of unlimited support for 3 months.

This 3 Month program includes:

6 one-hour personalized coaching calls (via phone or zoom video call).

Weekly supportive and intentional check-ins.

Unlimited email/text support for 3 months.

Personalized recommendations for your personal, professional and spiritual growth.


Individual Healing Session:


Looking for a personalized one-on-one coaching call to get a better understanding of how I can support you? Let’s dive in and start addressing your limiting beliefs and challenges as well as your needs, goals and desires for your life. If you are aligned and ready for this healing work; I gently urge you to invest in the 3 Month TRANSFORM Program to unleash your unlimited potential.

Includes one 60-min coaching call

Schedule here



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