Holistic Health

Why Holistic Nutrition?
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The body, mind and spirit are all interconnected.

“Holistic health (or holistic medicine) is a diverse field of alternative medicine in which the “whole person” is focused on, not just the malady itself. The holistic concept in medical practice, which is distinct from the concept in the alternative medicine, upholds that all aspects of people’s needs including psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole.”

At the deepest level of being, we are one with all that is.

We live in a web of connections. We are wired for community and it takes a village to heal.

When I work with clients, I listen to their concerns and design a personalized plan to fit their needs.  During this process, I take the client’s past history, current diet & lifestyle and health goals into account when making recommendations.  I offer education, support, and guidance while going at the client’s pace. I strive to build rapport to provide a safe place for healing, exploration & rejuvenation.  My ultimate goal is to connect with each person I work with, find the root cause of presenting symptoms and work together harmoniously to better overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and happiness.

My purpose as a nutritionist & holistic health counselor is to give you the tools you need for self-healing.  I will educate you on natural health modalities combined with modern science to help you reach your fullest potential.  I look forward to working with YOU!

“Throughout, Krystal was warm, sympathetic and proactive in researching possible solutions. I always looked forward to my sessions with her, even when I wasn’t feeling well. ”

— Carrie

Natural medicine cabinet

Our medicine cabinets and first aid kits are a common place to find toxins and synthetic ingredients. But, there is a simple solution: therapeutic-grade essential oils! I teach you how to utilize the power of plants, which is what our ancestors used to treat ailments.  Relaxation, mental focus, boosted immunity and reduced pain can all be accomplished by using essential oils.  Oils help everything from bug bites & burns to digestion and clear skin.  However, all oils are not created equal.  Many oils, even ones labeled organic, are not regulated or tested and are cut with alcohols or other substances.  I highly recommend doTERRA essential oils because they are tested thoroughly and offer purity that goes well above and beyond FDA regulations.

I use safe, pure & potent essential oils.

Check out my website of therapeutic-grade doTERRA oils here. 

I can help…

I provide my clients with a complete list of products to avoid, as well as natural alternatives that effectively kill germs, clean glass and keep counters safe to eat off of.  Cleaning out these toxic substances and replacing with natural ones can bring your living environments into harmony with your greater health and wellbeing.

Contact me to help you remove the toxic substances from your home and office.

“She took time to get to know me, and understand how to challenge me while still staying realistic. After only a few sessions, I started to feel healthier than I ever had before.”

— Lauren

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